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Welcome to - The prepaid phone cards online store! provides low cost prepaid international phone cards & long distance phone cards. Prepaid Phone Cards also known as Prepaid Calling Cards or International Calling Cards can save you as much as 90% on Domestic or International Phone Calls. Our International Phone Cards are prepaid and supplied instantly online by email and your account. Order your calling card now and start call local or worldwide immediately!

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Prepaid Phone Card online are:
  • Cheap domestic and long distance calling rates with high quality connection
  • Wide variety of prepaid calling cards
  • Permanent PIN phonecard with Refill feature and PIN Free Access option
  • Make domestic or international calls using Toll Free or Local Access
  • Access and manage your calling card PINs 24x7x365
  • Check your phonecard balance online 24x7x365
  • Crystal-clear connections, no Internet calls
  • Numerous benefits are the basis for such a success
  • Friendly customer service

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
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Royal call phone card
• No Connection Fee
• Maintenance Fee — No
• Rounding — 1 minutes
• Toll Free Access — Yes
• Local Access — Yes
• Service Taxes — 10%
• Pay Phone Charge — No in Canada
• Prompt Languages — English

Simply phone card
• No Connection Fee
• Maintenance Fee — 89 c/week
• Rounding — 3 minutes
• Toll Free Access — Yes
• Local Access — No
• Service Taxes — 25%
• Pay Phone Charge — 89c
• Prompt Languages — English, Spanish

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